Are you interested in all types of sports, such as football? Do you find yourself wondering what happens to famous sports personalities once they step off the track? Welcome to the site which gives you all the information you need on famous sportsmen who retired from their sport and embraced different activities, such as modelling and business.

Life After Sport

In this section, you will find details on what you can do with your life after sport if you are interested in other activities. You will also get a list of some of the famous sports personalities who went on to become popular entrepreneurs after they retired. We also give you some of the ways that sports personalities have dealt with the free time they have after they stop engaging in competitions.

Icons in Fashion and Modelling

Some athletes went deep into modelling and fashion as soon as they retired from active sport. Our website gives a list of some of the fashionable athletes in 2019, and what makes them stand out. There is also a list of ex-footballers who went into modelling and how they are fairing with their life after sport.

Ex-Sports Personalities

The website also has a list of famous ex-sports personalities. There is also a round-up of professional athletes who later became celebrities. Consider this site to be your one-stop location for all the information you may need about life after sport, and what sports personalities have been doing after they stepped away from active sports.