It is not uncommon for stars to have an intriguing past. However, their story becomes even more interesting when people discover that they were sportspersons in the past. It is almost as if they have reincarnated because fans can’t imagine them in the previous role. Here is a list of famous people who were professional athletes in the past.

Jason Statham

Action movie lovers need no introduction to this personality. Since the early 2000s, Jason built a reputation for kick-ass roles in some of the most successful releases in this genre. However, people do not realize that he previously had an all-action career in water sports. Jason was so good at diving that he represented the U.K. at the Commonwealth Games of 1990 in New Zealand.

Jon Stewart

Fans of the Daily Show know Stewart for his witty and engaging humour. They will be glad to learn that he had made good use of this skill as a soccer player. Stewart was such a good motivator at the William & Mary club that they named the award for the most positive player in the team after him. Even today, the Leibo Award bears his official name of Jon Leibowitz.

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy is famous for his tough-guy demeanour in the movies but is also hardy in real life. According to an interview he gave in 2013, the freshman football coach at Harvard University convinced him to join the team. So he enrolled and would only go to the theatre after training sessions.

Elsa Hosk

This Victoria’s Secret bombshell has captivated the world with her beauty. Maybe playing pro basketball in her homeland city of Stockholm contributed to her curvy figure. Elsa was a pillar in the team and even got calls to the Swedish national team. Unfortunately, she had to give up basketball to focus on modelling.