Chris Coleman: “Bale’s level allows him to play for any team in Europe»

Former Wales head coach Chris Coleman has shared his thoughts on the future of real Madrid winger Gareth Bale.

“Gareth’s level allows him to play for any team in Europe.

Looking back at our joint work in the national team, I can say that he is a great professional. Gareth doesn’t drink or go to parties. He stays at home. Of course, bale loves his Golf. He’s just a quiet guy.

He has had his own problems at Real Madrid over the past 18 months or so. He was linked with moves to the Chinese League, the NPL, and the MLS. It is obvious that the relationship between him and the club in recent times was not very healthy.

It’s a shame, just look at his trophies at Real Madrid. For example, four of the Champions League. If real were offered the chance to win four Champions leagues after signing Gareth, they would accept it without hesitation.

For the past 18 months, he has been treated like an outcast. I’m still at a loss, ” Coleman said.

“Anyone who doesn’t believe in Bale should review the LCH finals.” Ceballos on the real Madrid midfielder»

Arsenal midfielder Dani Ceballos, whose rights belong to real Madrid, commented on the possible transfer of Madrid midfielder Gareth Bale to Newcastle.

The Premier League suits him quite well (bale previously played for Tottenham-approx., but for real Madrid, he is an important player. Let’s not forget what he did for the club.

Those who don’t believe in it should review the Champions League finals. He has done enough for the club [to be valued highly], ” Ceballos said in an interview with Deportes Cuatro.

Bale is on the list of goals for Newcastle’s new owners. Real Madrid can sell it for 20 million euros

Real Madrid midfielder Gareth bale can continue his career in England.

According to Marca, bale’s transfer is one of the goals of the new owners of Newcastle. However, it is noted that negotiations have not yet begun.

According to the plan of “Newcastle”, when building a new team, they will be able to attract 2-3 players with a very large salary. Then bale can get an offer comparable to his salary at Real Madrid (about 17 million euros a year).

Real Madrid will not be against the sale of Bale, and the transfer amount is unlikely to exceed 20 million euros, because the departure of the Welshman will allow the club to unload the payroll.

Previously, Tottenham had a priority right to buy Bale out if real Madrid received a transfer offer from the English club, but this agreement expired on 30 June 2019.

Bale’s contract with real Madrid runs until June 2022.

The Welshman has made 14 La Liga appearances for real this season, scoring two goals and providing two assists.