Dibala wants to earn 15 million euros a year at Juve. In Serie A only Ronaldo is paid more

Juventus and striker Paulo dybala continue to negotiate a contract extension.

At the moment, there are differences between the parties regarding the financial terms of the agreement. The 26 – year-old striker wants to earn 15 million euros a year-more in Serie A gets only his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo (31 million).

Now the Argentine receives 7.3 million at Juve – this is the fifth figure in the club after Gonzalo Higuain, Miralem Pjanic (7.5 million each), Matteis de Ligt (8 million) and Ronaldo. The management of” Bianconeri ” wants to agree with Dibala on a salary of 11-12 million euros.

Costinha: “Ronaldo is impossible not to love – unless you are jealous»

Former Portugal midfielder Costinha said that he delights in the attack, “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo.

“At Real Madrid, when the players hit the goal in training, Ronaldo missed once in 20 shots. Most of the others missed six times out of ten.

When Ronaldo missed, everyone started making fun of him, and this made him very upset. After that, he took the net of balls and hit the goal himself. He wanted 20 out of 20 to get knocked up. How many other players can do this?

It shows his character. He doesn’t allow himself even one slip. This is very important. People see him getting upset on the field because of a bad pass or a bad shot on goal, but they misunderstand him. It’s just the way he is.

I even once asked Mourinho after training: “what’s wrong with Ronaldo?”. He said that it should be left and that it would be ready. He is so focused on what he is doing that he does not accept even one slip, especially when people start making jokes about it. An outstanding person and football player.

Ronaldo is working hard. He does not sit and wait for everything to come into his hands. He is looking for opportunities to become stronger. When he hears someone say that the other team has someone better than him, he tries to demonstrate who is actually the best.

It is impossible not to love Ronaldo-unless you are jealous. He is a modest guy, and I am happy with all his success. I saw how he worked hard to become the best, and as a Portuguese I’m proud of it,” said Costinha.