Talking of style and fashion, many athletes have definitely demonstrated great interest in it. It does not matter which sports genre they are in, athletes are using fashion to show their personality, taste, and even preference. On many occasions, we have seen athletes show their fashion awareness in the streets, on social media, when spending time indoors or outdoors with their families, or when the fashion magic is at its peak on the red carpet. Here are some athletes who have embraced fashion and design wholeheartedly in 2019.

Dwayne Wade

Despite having retired from the NBA, Dwayne is famously known as one of the founding fathers of fashion in the NBA league. His style of fashion has been so dynamic that it has been swinging with the rhythms of time always. From ill-fitting suits to baggy clothes, Wade has been setting fashion trends time and again. His streetwear is known to be stylish, bold, or even monochromatic, while his pre-game looks have always been stunning, leaving fans amazed.

Lebron James

James is famously known for his numerous NBA MVP awards, which he bagged during his entire career. Besides being a guru in the basketball court, he is also a fashion master. He always showed up in perfectly tailored clothes exceptionally knit to fit his huge 250-pound body. Even more amazing is the fact that he carefully matched his attire with cool, admirable accessories.

Russell Westbrook

Russell is a style icon and a self-proclaimed Fashion King. No one can predict what he will wear tomorrow, which keeps his fanatics ever guessing. The 30-year old athlete has never hidden his love for trendy Zara, designer threads, vintage clothing and breath-taking unconventional suits, which he has been wearing from one occasion to another. No one can dispute that his sense of style is absolutely amazing.