Gary Neville: “With Pogba, man UTD have a better chance of winning the Premier League»

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has spoken out about the performance of Mancunian midfielder Paul Pogba.

“I think Pogba and Bruno can play together. I think that Pogba is able to play a little deeper or a little higher and can run from the penalty area to the penalty area.

I think there are players in the” MU ” now that Paul can play with. It’s easy for people to say that the club needs to get rid of Pogba. However, was there a team around him that would allow him to Express himself?

Criticism of him… The defeat of the “Man UTD” – it’s the fault of Pogba. Man UTD won, but pogba didn’t play very well, again it’s His fault. Maybe due to the transition Bruno the pressure will become less, and we will be able to see the progress.

A good game by Pogba will give Manchester United a better chance of winning the Premier League. When I see MJ playing well with pogba in the squad, I think He is a world-class player.

He won the world Cup and knows how to win. With Pogba in the team, MU have a good chance to challenge Liverpool and man city, ” Neville said.

Mark Bosnich: “There are many opinions about Pogba’s game, but it is almost impossible to replace him»

Former Manchester United goalkeeper mark Bosnich has spoken out about Mancunian midfielder Paul Pogba.

“I know that there were many different opinions about Pogba’s game. This topic has always been controversial.

Any club that is thinking about getting rid of one of its best players should first ask the question: “who are you going to replace him with?» In the case of a player like Pogba, this is almost impossible. He is one of the best players in the world and we have seen what Paul is capable of. Manchester United fans and the media expect more stability from him, this is fair.

I really think that with the arrival of Bruno Fernandes, as well as the approach of sulsher, who is doing really well, things can become different. I believe that if pogba keeps up his excellent form and plays well, then He should stay. This would be great for both man United and the player himself. If you look at their center, Pogba is an integral part of the team. I would very much like him to stay. I hope so, ” Bosnich said.