LeBron: they said I could only play hard in the East. I’m happy to be the best

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James recalled how detractors were convinced that he would not be able to perform at the same level after moving to the Western conference team.

“If we talk about the MVP race, I showed what I can do. People used to say that I was only capable of strong performances in the East, and asked what would happen if I went to the West, what I could do. I heard them all. And I was very pleased to become the best.

As for the forced life in Orlando, everything is not normal in 2020. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Kobe Bryant and his daughter. Single day. They are still members of the Lakers family. We wear the numbers 2, 8 and 24 with our heads held high, ” Eurohoops quoted James as saying.

LeBron was supported by Wojnarowski, suspended for insulting the Senator

Los Angeles Lakers light forward LeBron James has backed ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski, who was suspended for insulting a us Senator.

“#Sobolewski”, — wrote in his “Twitter” LeBron James.

We will remind, earlier Wojnarowski got into an unpleasant scandal, allowing himself to swear obscenities at the address of Senator from Missouri Josh Hawley. He suggested that the NBA expand the list of alternative phrases that can be put on the jerseys of basketball players instead of last names, and also accused the League of ties with China. Hawley put forward several options of his own: “return to the dream”, “support our troops”, “God bless America”.

Hawley also stressed that the NBA has crossed all imaginable boundaries of politicizing the process. After a while, Hawley posted a screenshot of the response sent by the famous columnist Adrian Wojnarowski. He didn’t choose his words. Wojnarowski later issued a public apology, posting a corresponding post on Twitter, but ESPN decided to suspend the journalist indefinitely.