When it comes to life after competition, some sports personalities have become an excellent example to look up to, due to their engagement in entrepreneurship. Some of the people who went out of active sports but ended up becoming entrepreneurs are as follows.

Michael Jordan

When Jordan retired from basketball, he got into business and became hugely successful. He formed a partnership with Nike, a footwear manufacturing company. His footwear brand called Air Jordan is among the most popular items. Other than shoes, Michael Jordan has also gone into creating and endorsing athletic wear and running mentoring projects.

Kipchoge Keino

After breaking athletic world records and bagging several medals in his life as a track runner and field athlete, Kipchoge Keino, a Kenyan sportsman, retired and set up a school. Kipchoge Primary School has successfully helped young children receive an education. He also engaged in training upcoming athletes who were preparing for world races.

Kristi Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi is a former figure skater who won a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics. She is the woman behind the Tsu.ya fashion brand. Her company makes and sells clothes and accessories. Part of the profits from her entrepreneurship is invested in humanitarian activities, such as educating young people.

Kobe Bryant

Byrant had a short stint as a basketballer for the Los Angeles Lakers. When he retired from active sports, he developed his own company called Kobe Inc. His focus is on film and encouraging young people who want to get involved in the industry. One of his films won an Oscar for the best animated short film, and he has been into active production ever since he left the pitch.

George Foreman

Foreman’s life after sports involved getting into endorsements, and one of the famous ones which he did, was getting into a deal with Salton electrics. The George Foreman Grill has earned him a lot of money.