Every sport has its legends. A sporting legend is an athlete who contributed to the sport in one way or another. This article gives a list of some of the famous ex-sports personalities in the world.

Jim Brown

Jim became a professional in different sports such as basketball, lacrosse, and football, among others, when he was a teenager. He became great at lacrosse and football and earned honours in both sports. He was also America’s best player in both, hence becoming one of the most celebrated ex-sports personalities.

Bo Jackson

Jackson was a great baseball player, and he won many titles in the game. He also played football professionally. His accomplishments in both sports put him in the league of famous ex-sports personalities.

Jim Thorpe

Thorpe was an all-round athlete as he was involved in many sports. He was a great football player, and he also participated in Olympics decathlon and pentathlon, winning gold medals. He was also good at other sports such as lacrosse and baseball.

Muhammad Ali

Ali is one of the most famous ex-sports personalities because of his achievements in boxing. He is considered the greatest champion of the heavyweight division ever.

Michael Jordan

Jordan is considered as basketball’s greatest player ever. He was incredible and helped his team win many championships.


Pele was a great football player who scored in almost every match which he played. During his time, he helped his team win three World Cups.

Deion Sanders

Sanders was great at football and baseball. Being good at these sports is not easy; hence, he deserves to be recognised among famous ex-sports personalities.

Babe Ruth

Ruth became famous for breaking several records in baseball. He also led his team in winning different titles.

This article gives only eight famous ex-sports personalities. There are many more who are not on this list.